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Top 15 colleges for taking Electronic Engineering in the world

College can be tough, especially if you major in engineering. If in school you could ask someone «Can you do essay for me? », here you should study hard and not count on accounting homework help and other services for students too much. Before you dive in the world of energy, pick one of the colleges placed in electrical engineering graduate school rankings:


One of the top considered universities for this major is the famous Massachusetts Technological one: the institution is especially proud of its Electrical Engineering department that covers such fields as nanotechnology, robotics, cybersecurity, and quantum processing of information. Besides these trends, you can also study bioenergy, its storage, and generation;


The faculty of Engineering in this university was established in 1893 and initially focused on power stations. Nowadays, it has six main categories including EM, and quantum;

California (Berkley)

One of the top electrical engineering universities, it has already become the foundation for over 120 startups founded by the faculty`s alumni. Currently, here you can study electromechanical systems, AI, and robotics;


This institution offers the best electronics for college students to be studied. It is mainly focused on photonics but not limited to power conversion, radiofrequency, design of electrical vehicles, and microwave power;


The focus of this institution is mainly placed on biomedical engineering and covers research and processing of neural information. Some other key areas are electromagnetic fields, neuro-informatics, and automatic control;


In this university, you should be ready to study Maths, Physics, and Computer Science in addition to Bioengineering. Besides, you will have to deal with writing essays (even though many students prefer to pay for college essays to avoid this part). The main focus is placed on research projects based on quantum control and other trendy fields;


This is one of two top universities outside the US that offer a great education in this field. It covers intelligent systems, radiofrequency and robotics;


We couldn`t miss this institution on this list: Oxford University has a strong focus on disciplines related to optics and also has several research groups working on nanoscience and microscopy;

California University

Its department of engineering is centered around the research of wave electronics, as well as circuits and embedded systems. It covers broad and narrowed areas and has over 40 research groups;

London Imperial College

If you prefer to study in the UK, you should choose this institution as it covers all interesting areas like communications, intelligent systems, and processing fields;

Georgia Institute

This is the public research institution that is focused on technology and offers great educational engineering programs. It is ranked in the top 10 of best suitable colleges for its research opportunities;

Illinois University

This university is also public and can be proud of its total enrollment of 40K. It is ranked in top best colleges to study engineering in the US (2020 edition), and it offers programs in signal processing, design projects and fields and waves;

Duke University

Established in far 1838, it now provides national and international programs in electrical engineering. It is the center of research innovation and professional teaching methods with flexible technical programs available;

Virginia Polytechnic

It is on the top of US national universities providing education in Electrical Engineering that features communications, electromagnetics, power and control systems, satellites, AI and nanotechnology;

Princeton University

This is one of the best relevant colleges in the country providing education in Solar Energy, statistic signal, and optical electronics.

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