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Clever Gadgets for University Students

None of us can leave without gadgets, and, especially students. Academic life isn’t easy at all; that’s why students always look for ways to make it easier. Using expert assistance from academic writing services, for example, Essay Shark is the first that comes to mind. And judging by the number of EssayShark reviews that are written by students, this way of dealing with problems is the most popular.
However, there’s another solution - using smart gadgets. If you think that your smartphone is a clever gadget, and you don’t need anything else, read about the true clever gadgets, and you’ll change your opinion.

eBeam Smartpen

Studying is inextricably linked to writing notes. This gadget lets you do it even if you don’t have a paper. eBeam smartpen can turn any surface into your paper. You may put a rod in this pen and use it to write notes on paper, or use a stylus and write even on your desk Smart technology recognizes the moves of a pen, transforms them into a text, and transmits the data to your smartphone. It may also convert your drawings into an electronic format.


If your neighbors in the dorm room are too noisy and constantly distract you from studying, these noise-canceling headphones are irreplaceable for you. Enjoy high-quality sound or simply wear them abstract from the noise. If you understand that it’s not the noise that stops you from completing this or that assignment, we advise you to ask for assistance. Expert Writing is the best place to do it. Don’t think that you’re cheating, just see how many positive reviews are posted, and no one mentions about company’s illegality.


If morning fuss had got you confused and you realized that you came to classes without a notebook, having a portable voice assistant can eliminate this problem. Senstone is a wearable device that can help you take notes and transfer them to your phone. Its voice recognition technology isn’t perfect, but it’s constantly developing.

Keurig K-Mini Coffee Maker

Busy schedules often don’t leave students spare time for themselves, and they try to save time on everything they can. If you can’t start your day without a cup of coffee, but making it is time-consuming, buy this smart coffee maker and enjoy good coffee made in minutes. No matter how busy you are, you must learn to find time for yourself. Visit EssayUp and remember that trusting some of your assignments to professional is the best way to free some time for yourself.

Fitbit Flex

Students often suffer from the consequence of a sedentary lifestyle. This smart device is irreplaceable for those who want to track their physical activity, see how many steps were passed for a day, and see all notifications not to miss the important message or call. Fitbit flex also lets you track sleep.


A reusable notebook is a breakthrough. People must care about the planet and don’t waste paper. This notebook lets you take notes, scan it by phone, transmit data to cloud storage, and erase your notes to use the same sheet of paper again. If you’re tired of taking notes and, especially, writing papers on your own, Homework Doer is your best solution. Read Homework Doer reviews to find out more about this company and understand why it’s worth using.

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